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 ‘20/20/20’ Cure Blindness Australia Walk.

Participants do not have to meet at one location, they can complete the charity walk in their own area at their own pace. The concept is simple - we need a minimum of 20 participants to walk 20 kilometres and be sponsored by 20 people, each sponsor in the amount of $1.00 per kilometre a total of $20 per sponsor and a total funds raised of $400 per participant.

And if you are not able to complete 20 kilometres in one try, then it can be over two days or one month. But each participant can ask sponsors for multiples of the $1.00 per kilometre, so it can be $2.00 per kilometre or $3.00 per kilometre etc – it’s entirely up to you. All sponsorship is tax deductible.

Given this was our President Bruce Richards bright idea – he is the first to sign up. He has his course mapped out and hasstarted training. He tells us that it is a relatively flat course as he is not into pain, so a measured approach is his plan.He has already secured some of the required 20 sponsors.

We propose that the walk will be in June this year and each year from now on. Why June – because it will be cooler and less stressful on mind and body.

Join in and help us raise money and get fit at the same time.

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